Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been woven into our culture and core values at Constellation Brands since we began doing business in 1945. We believe that our long-term success is tied directly to our ability to make a positive difference in our communities.

We have a responsibility to care for the land, people, and communities where we live and work. Operating responsibly is important to us, and not just because it is the right thing to do. It helps us operate more efficiently and minimize our resource use. It is important to many of our key stakeholders and partners, from customers and investors to government officials and our neighbors in our communities. It is also a clear driver of employee engagement, and helps us foster a positive company culture and attract the best talent. Our commitment to doing business responsibly is crucial to building a stronger business, successful brands, and value for our shareholders. 

Our Focus

The mission of our CSR program is to elevate life through our commitment to care for the environment, inspire communities and promote responsible consumption of our products. To accomplish this, we have three primary focus areas: Giving Back, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability.

Giving Back

We aim to have a positive and lasting impact in the communities where we live and work. Constellation has long had a culture of giving that is driven by the passion of our employees.

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Social Responsibility

We produce, advertise and promote our products in a responsible manner, and support efforts to eliminate underage consumption of beverage alcohol and drunk driving.

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We understand and act on our environmental stewardship responsibilities, and look for ways to minimize our organization's worldwide environmental impact. 

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Our People Take the Lead

Our CSR efforts are driven by the heart and soul of our people. Employees at every level make a positive difference. They do it with passion and generosity, displaying the core values that unify us and make us a successful company.
— Rob Sands, president and CEO

As has been the case since our founding, our people lead our CSR efforts. Our CSR Steering Committee, which is made up of senior leaders from across our company, sets the strategic direction for our overall CSR program. Each of our three pillars - giving back, sustainability, and social responsibility - has a committee that sets strategy for its respective pillar, identifies opportunities, and manages the execution of our initiatives. These committees are comprised of a wide range of employees to ensure that the voices of our many different geographies, job functions, and employee groups are represented. 

It is clear that our employees are passionate about elevating life responsibly every day. Read why in their own words below, and throughout this site.

An Every Day Commitment

CSR is not something we do to check a box. It's not something we think about once or twice a month. Our employees are doing great things every day. Below are just a few examples of our most recent CSR efforts.

Reporting and Resources

Below are a number of resources including our annual CSR report, which provides an overview of our commitment to our CSR program for our investors, customers, employees, and other stakeholder groups and is released in conjunction with our Annual Report to Stockholders.

2017 CSR Report // Summary of our strategy and key initiatives during our 2017 fiscal year (Mar. 1, 2016-Feb. 28, 2017). (Also available in Spanish)

2016 CSR Report // Summary of our strategy and key initiatives during our 2016 fiscal year (Mar. 1, 2015-Feb. 29, 2016). (Also available in Spanish)

2015 CSR Report // Summary of our strategy and key initiatives during our 2015 fiscal year (Mar. 1, 2014-Feb. 28, 2015). (Also available in Spanish)

Global Marketing Code // Provides the fundamental framework for responsible brand advertising and marketing that ensures our messages are directed at legal, drinking-age consumers.

Water Policy // outlines the key tenets of our commitment to responsible water use.

At Constellation Brands, our vision is to elevate life with every glass raised. CSR is at the heart of why we are in business.  We firmly believe that we can't do well without doing good - and we're committed to doing both.

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